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¨Education for Liberation¨ 

Our  social change model: Video

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       What we do: 


We are an itinerant team. Utilizing a Popular Education Methodology, we facilitate: 


  • Popular Education  training (Philosophy, theory, methodology, and participatory learning tools)

  • Participatory learning tools for trainings, meetings, and processes 

  • Social research tools (community assessments, organizational assessments using participatory appraisals)

  • Social/identity issues trainings such as gender equity immigration, political education, racial justice and leadership development 



  • Strategic Plans

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion organizational assessment

  • Organizational assessments

  • Leadership Transition Process

  • Succession Plans

  • Organizational/management coaching

  • Organizational structure design (organizational chart/job descriptions, staff management, staff performance evaluations)

  • Planning, monitoring, and programs/staff evaluation 

  • Mechanisms of coordination and communication 

  • Board of Directors Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics



  • Community assessments, utilizing participatory appraisals

  • Community organizing from a Pop Ed perspective

  • Community development and advocacy plans

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During the current COVID-19 pandemia, we're working remotely through teleconference platforms, such as Zoom or Google Meet, utilizing a Popular Education methodology. For that purpose, we´re using virtual participatory tools such as Mentimeeter, Jambord, Google slides, Youtube, Spotify, and virtual breakout groups. Our methodology, however, remains the same. We always depart from what is your previous knowledge, experience, and values in regards to any topic:  Organizational development

(structures, communication/coordination mechanisms, programs performance, use of resources, etc.) Curriculum (immigration, gender equity, farmworkers rights, agroecology, health, etc.) and based on that, we build new collective knowledge using participatory tools/exercises, such as breakout groups, brainstorming, mapping, drawing, role play, analysis, etc. Additionally, our on-line events are enjoyable thanks to our experience in using icebreakers and energizers adapted to these new formats. Dont' hesitate in contact us during the course of this pandemic. We'll work with you all, as if we all were in a same physical space, as much as possible, with the additional advantage of having the visuals right there, in front of our screens!

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